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Step 1

Awareness is the key to EVERYTHING!

Learn to be the Observer!

You are awareness, and you are the observer of your life.

You have thoughts, but you are not your thoughts.

You have a mind, but you are not your mind.

Everything is energy, every thought, every word, and every action.
Observe your thoughts, just perceive them. This way, you are no longer identified with your thoughts. Which thoughts do you want to give attention, your energy? Thoughts that promote you or thoughts that limit you?
You can’t change your past, but you can accept, let go, acknowledge your past, and create your future in the present. Just observe your thoughts, perceive them without judgment, condemnation, or evaluation. No action or reaction to your thoughts. This way, you no longer give energy to the thoughts, and the thought passes like a cloud.
Once you can observe and perceive your thoughts, you are no longer identified with them, and gradually, peace and tranquility return to your life. From this state of consciousness, you can decide what you want to have or who you want to be.

Step 2

How do you want your life to look? What should change? How would it feel if your wish were already fulfilled? You might experience a feeling of lightness, freedom, gratitude, love, or joy. Can you embrace that feeling? Can you think in images? Can you visualize your desire? Create a mental image and the felt emotion of the already fulfilled wish. The mental image and the felt emotion together are your manifestation.

Step 3

Observe your inner dialogue, your inner voice, your self-talk. Can you accept the mental image and the emotion?
What self-image do you have? What story do you tell yourself daily? Are you that story, and what should change if you identify with that story? Can you tell yourself a new story? If you can, your life will change because you have taken on a new state of consciousness.

The Power of Consciousness

You are what you think, which thoughts you identify with!

Decide what you want to think from consciousness.

Your thought images and emotions create your reality.

Accept your wish as already fulfilled and felt!

Always jump to the result; you already are and have what you desire.

Learn to think and feel in images. Learn to visualize. Sharpen your imagination.

How do I reach consciousness and change my level?

*Conscious in- and exhaling to the pelvic floor

*Ask yourself the following questions: Am I conscious? Observe and perceive only your surroundings!

*How do I feel? (e.g., downcast, sad, tired, annoyed, anxious)

*How do I want to feel? (e.g., full of energy, happy, joyful, loving, grateful, light)

*Consciously decide how you want to feel!!!

Your Process in Detail

Step 1

Write down what you desire, what should, can change?

Step 2

Shape your wish as a mental image, visualize your mental image with your imagination.

Step 3

Observe which feelings you can notice about the mental image, which feelings are triggered, such as joy, love, lightness, gratitude?

Step 4

Connect your mental image with the felt emotion and linger in the feeling of the already fulfilled desire. How does it feel when the wish is already fulfilled?

Step 5

Observe your inner dialogue, your inner voice, your self-talk. Can you accept the mental image and the emotion?

What self-image do you have, what story do you tell yourself daily, are you that story, and what should change if you identify with that story? Can you tell yourself a new story?

Give energy only to the things, your attention, that you want to have, not to the things you don’t want.

Which Areas of Life Are Allowed to Change?

  • Being Addiction-Free
  • Being Free of Fear
  • Being Happy
  • Finding a Partner
  • Being Successful
  • Sport and Fitness
  • Career and Professional Life
  • Home and Living
  • Sexuality and Eroticism
  • Hobbies and Leisure
  • Money and Income
  • Partnership and Marriage
  • General Health
  • Family and Relatives
  • Personality and Growth
  • Spirituality and Connection
  • Regeneration and Relaxation

Write your personal list: How should your 2.0, your new program, your new life look, what should change?

*I am

*I live

*I have

*I am strong

*I am grateful for

*I am complete

*I am vital energy

*I am a team partner magnet

*I live in peace and harmony

*I am in the President’s Team at PM

*I am grateful for my health

*I live in lasting abundance and wealth

Energy follows your attention, you attract into your life where your attention goes!

You are what you think and what thoughts and emotions you identify with.

Change your thoughts and your emotions, and your LIFE changes!

General Questions for YOU?

*Have you awakened?
*What do you believe in?
*Do you think in images?
*What do you wish for?
*Who do you want to be?
*Are you living your potential?
*Are you conscious?
*What brings you joy?
*What are you grateful for?
*Do you have goals and desires?
*What are your thoughts?
*What role(s) do you play?
*Can you feel the images?
*What do you want to change?
*Why don’t you change anything?
*What are you called to do?
*What is your life’s purpose?
*What is your vision of life?
*What is it really all about?
*Do you really believe what you think?
*Are you disconnected or connected?
*Where is your focus, your energy going?
*What belief patterns limit you?
*Do you truly and authentically show yourself?
*Can you observe your thoughts?
*Do you find joy in what you do?
*What story do you tell yourself daily?
*Which thoughts are you identified with?
*Do you still feel or are you only in your mind?
*What physical, emotional, mental-mental issues do you have?

I look forward to hearing from YOU ♥️

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