My Steps to Success in NETWORK MARKETING

01. Emotional WHY, Goals, Dreams & Vision

What do you want to change or achieve? (More money, more free time, better health)

What dreams do you have? What wishes do you have? What goals are you pursuing? What’s your vision for life?

What’s your emotional why? What drives you?

  • Money motivation
  • Social motivation
  • Curiosity motivation
  • Security motivation
  • Health motivation
  • Luxury and pleasure motivation
  • Comfort motivation
  • Praise and recognition motivation

What do people have that I also have?

I am a giver of opportunities for more health, weight management, more energy, a strong immune system, faster recovery, better sleep, time, location, and financial freedom!

How can I best help my counterpart achieve their goal?

  • More energy
  • Car program
  • Better sleep
  • More health
  • Retirement program
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Strong immune system
  • Weight management
  • Faster recovery
  • More time for your family
  • Remote work
  • Passive income through MLM, a court-approved marketing plan for over 30 years

02. Make a Decision!

Do you have clarity? Are you determined and have made a decision? Do you want to START?

Without clarity, no decision means no direction, no focus, no energy!

03. Take Action

Is what you’re doing bringing you closer to your goals? Are you taking action? What’s blocking you? What’s holding you back? Is it just a thought? Can you change that thought?

  • I use the products myself daily.
  • This way, I have my testimonial with the products (more health, more energy, faster recovery, a strong immune system, better sleep).
  • I am enthusiastic and radiate enthusiasm.
  • I inform my circle about this opportunity and give new people a chance.
  • I accompany and support people in the testimonial process and the referral cycle.
  • Contact, schedule, inform, register!

04. Discipline & Endurance

Do you have perseverance? Are you patient? Are you disciplined? Do you quit after 5 NOs?

05. Self-Image

What’s your self-image? How do you see yourself? What do you think about yourself? Your thoughts and feelings determine your life. Change your thoughts and feelings to change your life. Observe your inner dialogue, your inner voice, your self-talk. What story do you tell yourself every day? Are you that story, and what needs to change if you identify with that story? Can you tell yourself a new story? If yes, your life will change because you have assumed a new state of consciousness.

06. Value System

What values do you have and want to live or integrate into your life and organization? (Love, joy, gratitude, praise, recognition, helping people)

07. Energy, Vibration & Frequency

Everything is vibration, energy, and frequency, and energy always follows your attention. Thoughts, words, and actions are energy. Where do you focus your attention, your energy, and your vibration? Where do you vibrate? Where do you want to vibrate? What brings you joy? What excites you? Always give energy to the things you want, not to what you don’t want.

The five highest energies are:


The most potent force in the universe is love. Recognize who and what you are. Find this inexhaustible power within you. Experiencing and living pure love is the most magnificent and important thing in a person’s life.


The second most potent force in the universe is gratitude. Be thankful for everything, even small and inconspicuous things. The more gratitude you feel, the more situations and things will come into your life for which you can be grateful.


The third most potent force in the universe is faith. Recognize the divine within you, which animates every living being. Recognize yourself and go the inner way, the path of love, and you will encounter the divine, which is your inner being.


The fourth most potent force in the universe is joy. True joy always springs from your inner self. Do nothing in your life that doesn’t bring you joy. If there is something you believe you must do, do it with willingness and without resistance.


The fifth most potent force in the universe is serenity. In calmness lies the power to encounter life with serenity. Whatever happens outside, accept it first as it is, without resistance or judgment.

08. Routine

Do you have a morning or evening routine? Do you meditate? Do you visualize? Do you have a vision board? Do you write a gratitude list?

  • 15 minutes of silent meditation in the morning and evening!
  • Visualize and feel what you want to have or who you want to be!
  • Write down what you are grateful for daily. Gratitude for everything you have and want to have. Jump to the result!

09. Consciousness

You are not your thoughts; you have thoughts. You are not your mind; you have a mind. You are consciousness and the observer of your life. Learn to observe and decide from consciousness who or what you want to have or be. Always leap to the result.

  • Belief, knowledge, and trust
  • Decide consciously how you want to feel!
  • Breathe consciously from inhalation to the pelvic end
  • Learn to visualize, sharpen your imagination
  • How does it feel when your desire is already fulfilled?
  • Accept your wish, the state, as already fulfilled!
  • Focus on the heart; your observer goes to the heart, to the heart space
  • Learn to think and feel in images (thought image plus feeling)
  • Ask yourself the following questions: Am I in consciousness? Observe and only perceive your surroundings! How do I feel? (e.g., down, sad, tired, annoyed, anxious). How do I want to feel? (e.g., full of energy, happy, joyful, loving, grateful, light).
  • Write a new program, your 2.0, with the following beliefs, reverse everything:

    • I can do this.
    • I am STRONG!
    • I am successful.
    • I am in the President Team.
    • I am a team partner magnet.
    • I am THANKFUL for my duplication.
    • I am THANKFUL for my life in harmony, health, abundance, and wealth.
    • I am THANKFUL for my human, harmonious, healthy, successful team partners.

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