The Law of Assumption!

Apply this simple law to everything you desire ♥️

*Experience your results through your mental images & emotions ♥️

*Think feelingly ♥️

*Mental image, plus emotion such as joy, love, gratitude, and ease create your reality ♥️

*Assume the state of having, feeling as if you already have what you desire ♥️

*Feel your desire as a mental image, as if it’s already fulfilled ♥️

How would I feel if I were:

• IMM at PM

• President Team at PM

*Ask yourself: How would I feel if the desire were already a reality?

*It can be a feeling of gratitude, satisfaction, ease, or joy

*Dwell in this feeling

*Stay in joyful anticipation that your desire is fulfilled, again and again

*Thought & emotion come together and create your reality

*If doubt arises, simply observe the thought, don’t dwell on it, and return to the desired result

Thought, emotion equals manifestation

• What are you grateful for?

• Always focus on the result!

• What can you imagine that feels good?

• If it’s your IMM, VP, EVP, or President Team, be grateful for it now?

• What you’re grateful for, you send out and attract!

• Energy always follows your attention, where are you directing your focus?

Write down your list, how should your 2.0 look?

*I am

*I live

*I have

*I am grateful for…

*I am grateful for my team

*I am grateful for my life

*I am grateful for my duplication

*I am grateful for my health

*I am grateful for my local freedom

*I am grateful for my time freedom

*I am grateful for my financial freedom

*I am grateful for my IMM at PM International AG

Your subconscious needs 2 things: your mental image and the emotion, the feelings must be triggered. Then you have the necessary energy.

Do you think in images?

What do you wish for?

Who do you want to be?

Can you feel the images?

What do you want to change?

Can you observe your thoughts?

What is your self-image, how do you see yourself?

Can you adopt a new state of being?

Can you visualize, conscious imagination?

Good luck in the game of life “Make a wish”.

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