Spiritual Alignment®

is a healing aid and an impulse for powerful regeneration and self-healing processes for various issues.

People experience an immediate, direct, tangible, and visible transformation. Even health-conscious individuals come to me seeking Spiritual Alignment, where prevention seems to be the determining factor.

The entire functionality of a human, such as control centers, the nervous system, sensory organs, glands, respiratory and digestive organs, chakras, is connected to the spine. Prenatal imprints, energy patterns, shock and conflict situations, beliefs, emotional patterns, behavioral patterns, life patterns, and thought patterns manifest on the physical, emotional, and mental levels.

A variety of unfavorable influences and impressions disrupt the life force of the spine, leading to dysfunction in the entire organism, which then becomes evident.

To give a few examples, I work on the following issues during the treatment:

  • Burnout
  • Allergies
  • Back pain
  • Pelvic misalignment
  • Herniated discs
  • Different leg lengths
  • Spinal blockages
  • Mental, emotional, and physical discomfort
  • Vertebral shifts and disc overloads
  • Altered body posture, axial rotation, uneven shoulder blades

The energy of Spiritual Alignment® and the transmission of life and hyper-energy penetrate human consciousness and flow through the entire organism, the nervous system, glands, and organs, affecting the cellular intelligence of the individual in body, mind, and soul. This power liberates the psyche and soul. Chakras, the energy centers along the spine, are also realigned, cleansed, and activated. The spine becomes the vertical power flow in the human body system once more. Spiritual Alignment® is an ongoing, sustainable process. It fills and revitalizes every cell, adding new aspects every day. Imbalances are restored to balance. Spiritual Alignment® restores equilibrium and mental order in physical, mental, and emotional issues and provides the impulse for powerful regeneration and self-healing processes.


Vertebrae, Tissues, Organs, and Control Centers


Memory and courage

Head, facial bones, blood supply, brain, ears, sympathetic nerves
Fear, confusion, running away from life, feeling not good enough. What would the neighbors say? An endless internal dialogue.


Lymph system and dream center

Eyes, auditory nerves, forehead, tongue, tendons
Rejection of wisdom, refusal to know or understand, indecision, resentment and accusation, an unbalanced relationship with life, denial of one’s own spirituality.


Bone joints and growth control

Cheeks, teeth, ears, facial bones
Taking on others’ accusations, guilt feelings, martyrdom, indecision, self-deprecation, biting off more than one can chew.


Sleep center, inspiration, and intuition

Mouth, lips, nose, Eustachian tube
Guilt feelings, suppressed anger, bitterness, pent-up emotions, unshed tears.


Nerve center and healing center

Vocal cords, pharyngeal cavity, throat glands
Fear of ridicule and humiliation, fear of self-expression, rejecting the good within oneself, overburdened.


Solar plexus and joy center

Throat muscles, tonsils, shoulders
Stress, overwhelmed, trying to change others, resistance, inflexibility.


Throat center and cell renewal

Shoulder bursa, elbows, thyroid
Confusion, anger, helplessness, inability to express oneself.


Digestive center and self-assurance

Forearm, hand, trachea, esophagus
Fear of life, having too much to handle, inability to cope, shutting off from life.


Balance center and migraine center

Heart valves, coronary arteries
Fear, pain, injury. Doesn’t want to feel, shuts off the heart.


Sensation center, warmth and cold perception

Chest, lungs, breasts, bronchi
Inner chaos, deep old wounds, inability to communicate.


Heart center and seriousness

Gallbladder and bile ducts
Bitterness, a need to point out others’ mistakes, judgment.


Motion center and thinking center

Liver, blood, solar plexus
Rejects processing emotions, pent-up emotions, rage.


Blood supply and art center

Angry at life, suppressing negative emotions, fear of the future, constant worries.


Sexual center and creative center

Duodenum, pancreas
Collects pain, denies pleasure.


Hearing center and musical center

Spleen, diaphragm
Obsessed with failure, resists the good within oneself.


Sympathetic, vagus, and language center

Adrenal glands
Feels abandoned by life, blames others, feels like a victim.


Vision center and grief center

Refuses to take responsibility, prefers to be a victim. It’s all your fault.


Respiratory organs and courage

Urethra and kidneys
Low self-esteem, fear of relationships.


Concentration and love for others

Small intestine, fallopian tubes, bloodstream
Deprives oneself of the right to live, insecure and fearful of love, unable to digest.


Lymph system and dream center

Large intestine
A cry for love and the desire to be alone. Insecurity.


Skin, connective tissue, and benevolence

Abdomen, appendix, thighs, appendix
Stuck in childhood pain, sees no way out.


Memory and courage

Genital organs, bladder, knees
Sexual abuse, guilt feelings, self-hatred.


Bone joints and growth center

Sciatic nerve, back muscles, prostate
Rejection of sexuality, financial insecurity, fear for one’s career, feeling powerless.


Sleep center and inspiration

Leg, ankle, foot, hip, rectum, anus
Insecurity, communication difficulties, anger, inability to accept joy.


Hip bones, buttocks
Loss of power, entrenched old anger.


Rectum, anus
Thrown off balance, holding on, self-blame, stuck in old pain.


Disclaimer: The healer is neither a doctor nor a naturopath. Spiritual healing / Spiritual Alignment is not a medical practice but a spiritual process. The healer does not offer healing promises or diagnoses. Spiritual healing does not replace medical treatment for mental or physical illness or suspected illness. Participation is voluntary.

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